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  • 43-0504 43-0504
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    System JO Clitoral Stimulant Gel is formulated to promote sexual sensitivity in Women, resulting in a gratifying orgasmic response. When applied, JO will cause a woman, tingling sensation resulting in increased sexual pleasure and satisfaction.
  • 12-0216_01 12-0216_01
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    Satisfy desire with sensations you've only dared to imagine. This gently arousing gel, designed exclusively for women, intensifies female intimate response and encourages sensual enjoyment.
  • 12-0185_impulse 12-0185_impulse
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    ImPulse features our Intensify Arousal gel in warming and a special pulsating applicator. Pinpoint the pulse of female arousal with this sensational combination. Comes with a discreet drawstring pouch for purse or travel.
  • 43-0525 43-0525
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    12 Volt arousing tingling serum with added sensation. Stimulates and heightens pleasure. Created by women for women. Contains no parabens or l'arginine. 5ml / 17 fl oz.
  • 43-0523 43-0523
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    9 Volt arousing tingling serum, regular strength. Stimulates and heightens pleasure. Created by women for women. Contains no parabens or l'arginine. 5ml / 17 fl oz.
  • 62-0817_01 62-0817_01
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    Combine LELO TOR™ 2 vibrating ring with NOA™, a uniquely intimate pleasure object, and you have nights of passion at your fingertips.
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    62-0500 62-0500
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    LUNA Beads are the world's bestselling Kegel weights system. Available in two sizes, Classic and Mini - they ensure that every woman can find her perfect fit for the most effective pelvic floor workout. LUNA Beads: Classic recommended for women over...
  • 62-0801_01 62-0801_01
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    Pleasure set includes the soft-tasseled Sensua Suede Whip and Etherea Silk Cuffs. You can add an even more exciting dimension to foreplay with Luna Beads Noir. Creating subtle yet pleasurable vibrations that respond to movement, LELO's seductive...
  • 62-0815 62-0815
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    This kit contains LILY™ 2 lightly infused with fragrance, Bordeaux & Chocolate Scented Candle and 150ml water-based personal moisturizer.
  • 62-0520_01 62-0520_03
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    HULA Beads are the world's first ever remote-controlled pleasure beads that rotate and vibrate at the same time. Delivering completely new sensations, insert only the rotating bead gently within, and let powerful vibrations be felt around the...
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