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Why is Canada in Love with Lelo Products

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26 February, 2016

We started carrying Lelo products in Canada back in 2007, when the brand only had 7 items.  If memory serves correct, the items were the Lelo Nea, Lily, Liv, GigiElise and Iris.  We brought them to a trade show and the Canadians fell instantly in love with the products.  In particular, the Lelo Gigi was hard to keep in stock.  At that time, Lelo filled a large gap in the sex toy market and they came out with a premium brand of products that were sleek, sexy and powerful.  They were made with body safe materials and silky soft to the touch. Packaging was elegant and classy.

In a sex toy world of porn star covered packaging, and sex toys that had a toxic smell to them, Lelo stood out.  Canadians in general are very savvy consumers and the sex toy market is no different.  Canadians tend to research their purchases in depth and sex positive stores like Womyns’ Ware in Vancouver, Good For Her in Toronto, Venus Envy in Ottawa and Halifax were at the forefront of sex toy education.  Quality normally comes with a premium and Lelo is no exception.  Canadians are however willing to pay more for an item knowing that: it is made with body safe materials, engineered and manufactured with stringent quality control, backed by a strong warranty and most importantly that it does what its designed to do. 

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0 #2 Mary Love 2016-03-09 00:32
I couldn't agree more. Canadians have been at the forefront of quality sex toys that are made from body safe products. I still remember visiting Womyns Ware in Vancouver where they showed various toys from the various manufacturers that were made with gross foul smelling materials. I learned right from the beginning, to trust your senses. If it smells toxic, it is toxic!! Lelo products are a worthy investment. I have recently purchased an INA 2 from Lelo Canada and I just love it.
0 #1 Lisa Benoit 2016-03-01 22:15
I totally agree that Canadians are a different breed of buyers. If you look at the proliferation of discount super stores in the US you realize that it's all about getting the lowest price. I try to shop and support my local neighborhood businesses as much as possible. When I do purchase products online, I choose only Canadian companies that preferably have a telephone number listed so I know I can get support if needed.

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